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Does Any One Know How To Make Autoit Send

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does and one know how to send the contence of a text box to an email address(not an email address that's been enterd by the user) I don't want them to know that it has sent it... and I don't want them to know who it has been sent to. please help me out here I really would appreciat it :D

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Yes, but wrong forum.

edit, actually it might be.. since I would use an external app myself.. :D

Try blat:


you can set it up to do an STMP send directly, and you can do that in a hidden window. The email, all it's contents, and where it went to will not show to the user, nor show up in thier outlook, etc.

Please don't use this info for :huh2:

There are a lot of commandline programs to use to do this, and the free ones can be fileincluded in autoit compiled scripts.

Personally I look in the help forum for questions people ask help with.

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Guest gamackey1337

I use a utility called mailsend.exe. It sends mail via SMTP and is very easy to use. It will accept parameters via command line switches, text file, or through a command line GUI (you would want to use one of the first two options). You can find it here:


Greg Mackey

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University of Central Oklahoma

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i have used blat myself for this purpose. if the person running the script has a firewall though, it will not send the email... and they will know that the program tried to send it. just a tip. you should let people know when you are having an email sent out from the program. otherwise, it looks suspicious. even if you tell them its sending non-personal system specifications.. (no matter what info is being sent) it looks better. its called misdirection. but im sure your intentions are legitamate :D

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