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Stringreplace Wildcards?

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Guest sanderd

Can I use wildcards in the StringReplace function?

If yes, how?

If not, isn't there any windows CLI program wich can?

I really need it...



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you can use a commandline regular expressions program to do the replacements, or you can add in a delimiter and split it, replace, and remove the delimiters.


bob goes to the store

replace go* til a space

stringsplit by spaces would give you:






use stringleft to see if it has the first two characters as go, and if so, make your replacement, then reasemble.

I imagine you could make a UDF to do it, and I might try it later. One that would use *before and after perhapse. With stringinstr, stringreplace, and stringtrim, you have a lot of tools to design the one you want.

A regular expression editor would be the way to go for really good replacements, and that is how I do it when I have a lot of data i want to adjust.

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