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Autoit Standard Library

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There have been a great number of user submission to the standard library, which I appreciate very much. Brian Keene and I are trying our hardest to get as many useful functions added to the library as possible. As we look through the code that's been submitted, we're finding some coding and logic problems and, since we want to make the library as useful to all of you as possible, we're looking through each of the functions that we plan to add individually. We appreciate the code that we have received, but at the moment we have our work cut out for us for the next release. I'll be releasing the next release in BETA form sometime within the next week or two. This BETA release will add almost 100 new functions, which include functions from Brian Keene's library, the Date functions submitted by Jos van der Zande, and possibly the library put together by Cephas. I also have other submissions by various authors that I plan to include in this release as well. For the time being, I'd like to freeze any new code submissions, so that Brian and I can concentrate on getting what we have working. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks and have a pleasant day.

Sincerely yours,Jeremy Landesjlandes@landeserve.com

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