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Richtext Box Fun...

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First here is what Richtext box I'm speaking of : Custom Richtext box

Two questions here :">

1- How could I retreive the data (text and format, but at least the text) from the box ?

2- How can I set the text & format in the box ? I know of the function to set the text but how about I want the newly inserted text to be let say... bold :)

Both questions so I can "update" the box with new text, which might have a different formatting that the old text :o

Oh, and if possible I'm looking for the carriage return... seems like @CRLF doesn't works. :mellow:

This is what I tried in vain :)

$edit = _GuiCtrlRichEditCreate ($GOOEY, 5, 5, 490, 350, BitOR($ES_READONLY, $ES_AUTOVSCROLL), BitOR($WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW, $WS_EX_STATICEDGE))
_GuiCtrlRichEditSetText ($edit, GUICtrlRead($edit) & $text & @CRLF)

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