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Write Variable To .ini

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Im trying to get the input from a user, in an InputBox, into an .ini file.

$directory = InputBox("Select Directory", "Please type in the directory you wish to use.")
IniWrite("C:\test.ini", "test", "aaa", "$directory")

As it is, its writing $directory into the .ini file. :) I need it to be an .ini file, because the inputted directory will change frequently, and Id rather have the script self contained. Im also going to need the script to look at the .ini file, to find out where the directory is, but I assume that

$var = IniRead("C:\test.ini", "test", "aaa", "[name of dir]")

will provide me with the variable I need?

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IniWrite("C:\test.ini", "test", "aaa", $directory)

Remove double quote for $directory.

$var = IniRead("C:\test.ini", "test", "aaa", "default directory")
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