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Check For A Specifc File And Replace Is It Possible?

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Hi people

search for a specific file on the drive - drive "c" for example, and check for a specific size of this file and its name, and if this specific file is found then Autoit will copy a file from where autoit is

into this files folder and overwrite this file,and display a message to user that the file was found and that it was succesfully overwritend,

but if the file whas not found then i would like it to give the user a possebillity to search the file manualy and doing this thrue a dialogbox window,ones found the user would then open the file and a messagebox telling him/her that the file was succesfuly overwritend,

would anyone know how a script like this in Autoit would look like?

any help is appriciated!

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First off, welcome to the forum.

Second, you need to do some leg work yourself. Read the help file, all you need to know is in there. After you have started wrtting the code, then post it and we can then help you out.

The general rule is you start doing the work, and we help when needed.

Gook luck :)

[font="Verdana"]People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. - George Benard Shaw[/font]

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Look up the help file for:







Or go to


For AutoIt 1-2-3 (A great place to start) [Thanks Valuater!!!]

Download AutoIt 1-2-3 from here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...pe=post&id=7195


P.S.: @Valuater: Some people find you download links confusing, so can you put it in the first post instead of the second post???

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Hello and thank you all,

yes your right i should have provided some example code at first,

ive played around with Autoit and what a powerfull script language it seams to be,

the reason i wrote for help so quickly was really because i dident know where to start adding this code, the combination for it and sutge,

i gues the exitment of knowing if it was possible to do this kind of script brought forward the lazzyness in me,

but as i said your right about that,

and thanks for help sofar, il do some homework right away on this,

and il be back to get some additional help on what ive got at that point,

thank you both for help sofar!

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