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Stderrread And Runas

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For now StderrRead cannot be used after RunAS (Autoit v3.1.1.113 (beta) help file)

Does anyone know any other way to do that?

After searching alternates, such as Autoit Processwait and dos '>" command i didnt find some reliable code..

It seems i need to read My Child's proccess Error Stream! Any one can help??

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maybe have a look at : http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=23073

Hope that helps...

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The simplest fix would be to use two scripts, a child script that basically does everything that you want your script to do, read STDERR, etc. and a parent script that calls the child script RunAsSet the desired credentials. If you want a single EXE solution you can FileInstall the child script and run it.

There have also been various UDFs posted on this forum with different philosopies and methods for re-running the same script with different credentials, you might search for those as well.

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