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Com Question.

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Hi all.

I need to inserts a folder, files window in my form with smallicons style.

can somebody helps me, please ?

and another questing is where i can find information abuot windows classes, aplication, methods, and commands. like "Shell.Explorer.2" or "Forms.Form.1" or "CompatUI.ProgView.1" , i have seen in a lot of scripts but i dont know how they know it.

i try with this script and the ANYGUI functions but without results.

#include <GuiConstants.au3> 
GUICreate("I wanna see small icons, please, and only files and folders", 614, 370) 
$Folders = ObjCreate("Shell.Explorer.2") 
$Breaktime = GUICtrlCreateObj($Folders, -1, -1, 500, 370) 
$Folders.navigate ('c:\') 


While 1 

I love this Game :p----------------------Freeware Multilange support or Translate your scripts----------------------aNyBoDy KnOwS WhY A LiGhT iN My KeYbOaRd iS aLlWaIs BlInKiNg !?Who is "General Failure" and what is he doing in my hard disk !!!!!?

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