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Bulk Load A Listview

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I am writing a little program for a local Food CoOp that will allow the users to select food from a list, but the list has around 21000 items in it. I have broken it down by departments, such as Frozen food, or Bulk, but it's still very large numbers. It only takes a split second to read all the data in from a 1.7MB Tab dilimited text file, but the REALLY time consuming part is the _GUICtrlListViewInsertItem.

Code I'm using

Func _OpenCatalog($CatalogFile)
    _FileReadToArray($CatalogFile, $i_Loaded)
    for $i = 1 to $i_Loaded[0]
        _GUICtrlListViewInsertItem($listITEMS, -1, StringReplace($i_Loaded[$i], @TAB, "|"))

The FileReadToArray is taking mabey 500ms. the loop that adds all the items into the listbox is taking about 5 minutes on a Fast computer.

Any ideas how I can just DUMP all the items into the listview?



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Even after the 5 minutes, you should only have about 4000 items; have you checked?

[limitation of GUI controls in AutoIt is about 4000]

That's why I have tried a GUI that only shows a page at a time;

A. Look at my version of "AutoItEx.au3" which uses a text view, but no sorting[no extra requirements to AutoIt];

B. Or SQLGuiview which imports [ie bulk type speed] the total file initially, and has sort capability with speed [requires SQLite3.exe and SQL UDF];

Last and 3rd to last links in my signature;

Let me know...


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