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Create An Autoit That Maximizes The Game, Performs The Task

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I DLed the program and am completely confused on how it works.

I just wanted it to maximize the game, and then have it run around repetedly as to stop the game from ending.

I have no idea how to make this because I don't understand how to make autoit programs with the AutoIt3 file or really anything about it.

Could someone help me make an extremely basic script just so I can see how? Thanks

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Thank you for your help.

I was initially looking to make a script for Diablo II that would make the character run around as to stop the game from disconnecting.

I can see that it will take a long time to learn how to do this though.

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Look in the help file at While loops (While 1 for infinite loops)

and at the function MouseClick and WinSetState with @SW_MAXIMIZE

That should help you a little bit, look at the examples see how they work. AutoIt is a very easy language to learn


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Diablo II (as with many other games I suspect) does not have any controls in the window to act upon. Therefore, it's going to be even tougher to interact with the window when it's minimized. There is something in the Scripts and Scraps forum that does with minimized clicking though, you should try doing a search for Diablo II or similar.

Edit - aha, this IS an easy task. I just re-read your post and it said MAXimized, not MINimized. MouseClick is the way to go.

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AutoIt is a very easy language to learn

One of the easist in fact.

Very few keywords, many functions, but a lot of functionality!

It should only take 2 or 3 days of examining the help file for an experenced programmer to pick this up.


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I went ahead and made a little script to click every 30 seconds in a random location in the Diablo II window:

If WinExists ("Diablo II") Then
    While 1
        WinActivate ("Diablo II")
        WinWaitActive ("Diablo II")
        $WinPos = WinGetPos ("Diablo II")
        $Xcoord = Random ($WinPos[0] + 100, $WinPos[0] + $WinPos[2] - 100, 1)
        $Ycoord = Random ($WinPos[1] + 100, $WinPos[1] + $WinPos[3] - 150, 1)
        Send ("{ALTDOWN}")
        MouseClick ("primary", $Xcoord, $Ycoord)
        Sleep (100)
        Send ("{ALTUP}")
        Sleep (30000)

It holds alt when it clicks so you don't accidentally click on a merchant or your stash (or something else).

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