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Autoit "send" And User32 "postmessage"

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Hi Experts,

Let's say I code the following

[here some code to start Internet explorer with a site and place the cursor into an input field]

Send ("abcdefghij")

[here some code to get the handle for Internet explorer]

DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "PostMessage", "hwnd", -->Handle for IE <---, "int", $WM_KEYDOWN, "int", $VK_RETURN, "long",0)

I noticed that PostMessage sends the RETURN KEY, before Send ("abcdefghij") is finished printing.

For instance even though only "abcd" is visible/printed, the RETURN key is sent already (and cuts off the rest of the string).

If I insert a sleep (500) between Send and PostMessage the whole abcdefghij string is printed.

What is the technical explanation for this?

PS I know of course that Send ("abcdefghij{ENTER}") would be better and simpler :-)

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Thanks for your reply.

Just to clarify. The question is not how to automate IE or how to use COM and so on.

I am just wondering, why "PostMessage" sends characters, before "Send" is even finished. I thought that PostMessage and Send would send Characters into the same queue (using FIFO), but apparently not.

Cheers, Dave

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