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Finding The Values Within A Form Combo-box

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I'm writing an application to auto complete forms, and am trying to come up with a generic process that is can be used repeatedly on a small set of forms. My premise is that these forms will not change very often, so I will encode instructions for each form I'm interested in and navigate around the form using SEND() rather than trying to identify the objects within the form and populate them automatically based on description and type etc (I did experiment with this for a while, but some forms are hidden, and I understand frames can be problematic as well).

As an example, if I have a form with (say) name, address and a submit button, I can load the page, move the focus to each form object using SEND({TAB}) and then SEND the data or enter as required. Although this does rely on it being possible to TAB to each field this isn't generally a problem on most forms. One issue I do have though, is that if one of the controls is a combo-box, I can't find a way of selecting a particular choice. I can navigate to the combo-box successfully using TAB, and move through the choices using UP and DOWN cursor, but I want to be able to access the value of the highlighted option (to compare it against a variable) so that I can decide whether or not to choose that one. At present, I am limited to navigating to the box, and choosing the n'th option - which obviously depends on the options being ordered in some way.

I was wondering if it would be possible to access the properties of the object where the focus currently is, determine that it is a combo-box with options a,b,c and d - choose c - and then as the 3rd choice in the list, send 3 downs to pick it. However, this may get me back into the problems I was having earlier.

Any thoughts would be welcome...



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