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Intsplit ?/

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Is their any way to split an integer?

like $a = "String"

StringSplit($a, "S")

is their any way to do that with an integer?

$a = 5006

IntSplit($a, 5)

is their any way at all for doing this?

it sounds kinda retarded but... im just wondering, it would be a bit useful...

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oh. I did'nt klnow u could use string split for integers too...


I believe stringslpit will work for any character. You can enclose the integer in qoutes in the StringSplit function. Of course if you don't know the character in advance, it won't help you. If you know the position of the digit you want to split on, you can use a combination of StringLen , StringLeft, and StringMid to split it.

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