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Downloaded Autoit123

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I've gone through the basic tutorials and would like to see what's being demo'd in AutoIT123. I'm running Windows 2000, loaded "get autoit3, get beta version, and get scriTE - Editor." The show me - search Help button works.

Clicking Show me ScriTE - Editor results in 2 error boxes:

1) Voice Error

Error reading log to Array error:1

2) Cannot find the file 'D:\Profiles\R43953\Local' Make sure the path and file name are correct and all the required libraries are available

Clicking on Show Me Help Demos results in the follow error:

Line 0 (file"D:\Profiles\R43953\Local Settings\Temp\wzc54dlAutoit-123.exe"):

For $x=1 To FileList[0]

For $x=1 To FileList^ERROR

Error: Subscript use with non-Array variable

I click "Ok" and AutoIT 123 closes


I can run AutoIT, I can run ScriTE - Editor, both are run from the C:\Program Files\AutoIT3 folder

I tried downloading the AutoIT 123 files into the above mentioined AutoIT3 folder in a AutoIT 123 folder which I created, but still no luck.

When I open in WINzip, I click on AutoIT-123.exe and everything seems to be working. Not sure what the issue is with the D drive.

Please Help,

thanks in advance,


very amusing everyone, it pays to have a sense of humor

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