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Number Question?

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Definetly new to programming and working my first one, but learning.

My question is:

How do i get the below to give me a return of .00 at the end of the total balance if all 6 of the $'s are .00's

0000.00 + 000.00, so on. right now i get 0000 as a return instead of 0000.00

this works right 000.01 + 0000.00 = 0000.01

$Total = Number ($wellsfargo+$usbank+$chase+$merrick+$royal+$fedreserve)

Thanks in advance

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$Total = Number ($wellsfargo+$usbank+$chase+$merrick+$royal+$fedreserve)
$FormattedTotal = StringFormat("%.2f",$Total )


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This is not the best way but you could do

Global $nums[2]
$nums[0] = 0.00
$nums[1] = 0.00
Func _Add($nums)
    Local $ret
    For $i = 0 To UBound($nums, 1) - 1
        $ret = $ret + $nums[$i]
    If Not StringInStr(String($ret), ".") Then
        $ret = $ret & ".00"
    Return $ret
EndFunc ;==>_Add

Call _Add with an array of numbers.

--too slow... and JdeB's is a lot better >.<


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