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Problem With Fileselectfolder, Fileopendiag...

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Hi there :D

I have a problem with the following:

$button1 = GUISetControl("button","FileOpen",50,30,80,20)
$button2 = GUISetControl("button","FileSave",50,70,80,20)
$button3 = GUISetControl("button","FolderSelect",50,110,80,20)

While GUIMsg() > 0
   $n = GUIMsg(0)
      Case $n = $button1
         FileOpenDialog("Select file:",@ScriptDir,"All files (*.*)") 
      Case $n = $button2
         FileSaveDialog("Select file to save:",@ScriptDir,"All text files (*.txt)",2,"file.txt")
      Case $n = $button3
         FileSelectFolder("Select folder:","",0)

The functions work but there's a strange bug-effect:

If you click on a button and then cancel the 'select'-action there will appear an empty like 'autoit spy"-window in the background.

You can see this if you change the active program/windows through ALT + TAB.

Does anybody have the same problem?

I'm using XP+SP1 and the Autoit3-version from the 3.may.

Thanks and regards


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Jon, this may go back to the whole thing where an HWND is being passed when creating those common dialogs instead of just using NULL...

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