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Xp Help Script

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my first GUI script. many errors and finally greenmachine helped a lot and it worked. special thanks to him!

the script gives simple features such as computer info (which i am not taking credit for), system restore, and defrag (these two were hard to work, i had to do the .bat extensions to notepad files and find the right files to use the Start command.) its my first script so dont expect it to be great but if u need to run system restore and cant find it or something like that, then just simply run this. along with computer info =-D

Replaced with new version.


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my first GUI script

; Run("app.bat")

Run ("C:\PROGRA~1\AUTOIT3\AUTOIT3.EXE sysinfo.au3")


you can call defrag inside au3 >> RunWait(@COMSPEC " /c Start ECC")

and embed sysinfo in Windows XP Helper :

; Run("app.bat")

;Run ("C:\PROGRA~1\AUTOIT3\AUTOIT3.EXE sysinfo.au3")


;copy and paste al the sysinfo.au3 here

Func sys()

GuiCreate("Computer Information - By : Para", 469, 639,(@DesktopWidth-469)/2, (@DesktopHeight-639)/2 , $WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW + $WS_VISIBLE + $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS)




reloaded Windows_XP_Helper__mod2.au3 .. little fixes

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Hey Bounda! Great idea!

The system info worked fine for me.

The defrag & system restore didn't work because I have partitions on my system & I happened to be in my D drive when I tried your script. Your script looks for 'C' drive. There's probably a way to have the script look in system root, or windows directory, or wherever you want, rather than C drive. Greenmachine would know. I think it may be %systemroot%, or %systemdirectory%, but not sure if that's what you need or not.

Keep up the good work! Mike

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