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Can Listview Checkboxes Be Disabled

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I posed this question in the Support forum, and it was suggested I post the question here and that Holger might have the answer.

I've also attached the test code I have so far, and it works fine. I want the checkboxes in the Installed Updates list to be disabled unless a hotkey is hit in which case checking the box would uninstall the hotfix.

I've tried several methods, and at the moment have 'disabled' the checkboxes by unchecking them if they're checked, but I'm not very happy with that solution.

I can live with it, but would rather disable them.



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I think a real disabled listview item could be possible with an ownerdrawn listview.

But thats too much for me right now.

For short I can tell you that there is the possibility to draw it like disabled.

Some month ago I wrote something like a tristate treeview - which you know from the most installers.

There I use a "state image list" - so there are more states possible - but maybe only for selfcreated items cause I think if you use GUI_DISABLE and GUI_CHECKED on a listview item you can get only the state GUI_CHECKED back - also if you use GUI_DISABLE.

I will take a look the next days how it can be simplified.

Greets :)


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