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Hello outthere!

I want to read a text in a window in a program which have several windows where only one can have focus.

The only way to see which window i want focus on is by LastControUnderMouse.

I then will use controlgettext for the LastControUnderMouse and write that value to a text-file. I can't get autoit-syntax to get focus to lastcontrolundermouse, anyone knowing how?

>>>>>>>>>>>>( Window Title )<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Friendly Börs AT (OMX 0.00 ( 0.00% ))

( classname=Fbi5MdiFrame )

>>>>>>>>>>>( Mouse Position )<<<<<<<<<<<<

On Desktop: x: 437 y: 716

In Window: x: 441 y: 720

>>>>>>>>>>>>>( Pixel Color Under Mouse)<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Dec: 16673282 Hex: 0xFE6A02

>>>>>>>>>>>( Window Position )<<<<<<<<<<<

left: -4 top: -4 width: 1288 height: 1032

>>>>>>>>( Last Control Under Mouse )<<<<<<<

Class: BorsTradeChild1 Text: OMX4E 694.75 ( 7.00, 1.02% )

>>>>>>>>>( Status Bar Text )<<<<<<<<

The code:


ControlFocus("", "", "Fbi5MdiFrame")

$var = ControlGetText("", "", "BorsTradeChild1")

MsgBox(0, "Visa",$var,4)


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Seems that it isn't possible to solve according to no response.

Any other ideas, shall i position the mouse in certain x-y-pixel position and read the value?. Isn't there anyone out there having done this before?


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not sure on your exact question actually. Must be too early for me atm.

Anyway, since you are talking about multiple windows, make sure to use:

Opt("WinSearchChildren", 1) ;0=no, 1=search children also

Also controlgettext reads the text of that control, so if it is not a standard control it won't retrieve the text that way. Also you use a different approach for getting the text in a dropdown menu and such.

You can use standard copy commands on many programs as well.

I will reread your post after I get some coffee. :D

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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