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Thanks To Everyone For Your Help Over The Past Few Weeks.

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In the short time I've been using AutoIt I had to engage it to put together a workbench script that would install a third-party application and four installation packages I developed using InstallShield. In addition I had to create some folders on any fixed drive on the server and share them as appropriate and then to create some MSMQ message queues. Prior to using AutoIt the administrators had to rely on a 6-page installation document to jump through most of the hoops required.

I'm about 99% finished with the script (just some nice-to-haves to add and polish some functionality) but I demonstrated it at work last Friday. The response I got was very positive and by concealing much of the complexity of the installation inside the script makes the whole process of commissioning a new server much less problematical.

I have to thank all of you guys who indirectly helped me towards this objective and your input and coding suggestions have been valuable to the success of my project. I see lots of other opportunities opening up to use AutoIT and I have to conclude by stating how exceptionally professional AutoIT is and to commend the team who developed it and for the quality of the documentation and code samples on each topic.

Thanks again! :)

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