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String Woes

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ok I have a variable, $command, that i need to break up into pieces for a paramater like function.

So at the input i wanted to type in

ping wpc 45

(wpc stands for workstation pc, spc stands for server)

I got all the code done except for the parameter part. currently i have that command in the input and is $command, duh! I just need to know what to do after making the variable into a string. please help!

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Not exactly sure what you want...

Look at the following in the help file: StringInStr, StringSplit, StringMid, (and also StringRight, StringTrimRight, StringLeft, StringTrimLeft)

If you want to break up "ping wpc 45" into three variables, you could do this:

$vars = StringSplit("pinc wpc 45", " ");split at spaces
If @error Then
  MsgBox(4096,"error","problem with parameters.... quitting")
; When you get to this point
;  $vars[1] should contain "ping"
; $vars[2] should contain "wpc"
;  and $vars[3] should contain "45"
; Special note:  $vars[0] contains the number of parameters

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:D nice! that will help a lot! I have never programmed in my life and i got a lot of this thing down in about 4 hours. I'm lovin it!

hmmm. the reason i wanted the vars was so that i could change the computer number or computer type wiuth the ping command. The whole thing would be done in dos and in the backround. well that part would. the idea is to have a command line that takes care of all the dos stuff, accouting, hours and sales. BTW i work at a cyber lounge... I also will be incorportating a WOL and wake all wpc type stuff.

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Yea, you can do a lot of stuff with dos, in a window, or send them to text files and read them later. ex:

tooltip("Pinging computers",200,0)
for $i=1 to 100
run(@comspec & " /c ping wpc " & $i & " >c:\wpc" & $i & "log.txt"); make individual ping text files

wrote it on the fly, and should just be an example, I don't know how many you have or the numbering you use.

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