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Can't Execute Program With Another User

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I want execute Internet explorer with another user ( simple user ) with "RunAsSet" Command.

But, When I execute, I have error :"Unable to execute thje external program" Why ??

My script :

RunAsSet ("test1","duhamel-b","password")

RunWait("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE")


Have u got Ideas ?

Sorry for my english, I hope u understand me :) :">

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Initialise a set of user credentials to use during Run and RunWait operations. 2000/XP or later ONLY.

RunAsSet ( ["user", "domain", "password" [, options]] )


username [optional] The user name to use.

domain [optional] The domain name to use.

password [optional] The password to use.

options [optional] 0 = do not load the user profile, 1 = (default) load the user profile, 2 = use for net credentials only

Return Value

Returns 0 if the operating system does not support this function.

Otherwise returns 1--regardless of success. (If the login information was invalid, subsequent Run/RunWait commands will fail....)


This function allows subsequent Run and RunWait functions to run as a different user (e.g. Administrator). The function only works on the 2000/XP (or later) platforms. NT4 users should install and use the SU command from the NT Resource Kit.

The "Secondary Logon service" or "RunAs service" must not be disabled if you want this function to work.

To unset the RunAs details, use the function with no parameters: RunAsSet().


Run, RunErrorsFatal (Option), RunWait

Bolded the important parts.

But when my user is in admin group, that works very well !!

Please Define User: The one running the script, or the one whose credentials are in the RunAsSet parameters?


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