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I want to resize JPG to an more compressed format by using a DLLCALL.

But it don´t works

I will use janGraphics.dll from [url=http://www.vb script:

$s_File1 = "C:\ProfilCopy.jpg"
$s_File2 = "C:\ProfilCopy2.jpg"
$s_fixWidth = 0
$s_fixHeight = 0
$s_TransparentGif = "False"
$s_JpegQuality = 50

;~ _Picture_save($s_File1, $s_File2,$s_fixWidth, $s_fixHeight,$s_TransparentGif,$s_JpegQuality)
_Picture_save($s_File1, $s_File2)

;~ Func _Picture_save($s_File1, $s_File2, $s_fixWidth, $s_fixHeight,$s_TransparentGif,$s_JpegQuality)
Func _Picture_save($s_File1, $s_File2)
;~   $dllcall = DllCall("janGraphics.dll", 'long',"ConvertEx", 'str', $s_File1 , 'str', $s_File2 , 'str', $s_fixWidth , 'long', $s_fixHeight , 'long', $s_TransparentGif , 'long', $s_JpegQuality , 'long')
$dllcall = DllCall("janGraphics.dll", "str", "ConvertEx", "str", $s_File1 , "str", $s_File2 )
    If @error Then
        MsgBox(4096,"FEHLER","Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten")
        Return 0
        Return 1

It ´doesn´t work at this Moment, but I dont knew the reason for that.

Can you help me ?

regards Wolke

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Generally people that need help with a non-standard dll will provide either a link to get it or the dll itself?

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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janGraphics.dll seems to be a COM dll... needs regsvr32'd and Beta AutoIt and ObjCreate... you may need to study more...


I've found the right way in the german forum (http://www.autoit.de)

I have modified it, so now ist running how I like it



opt("TrayIconDebug", 1)

FileInstall('C:\picture_convert\jangraphics.dll',@TempDir & "\")

$sDll = @TempDir & '\jangraphics.dll'

$nFixWidth = 0

$nFixHeight = 0

$bTransparentGif = FALSE

$nJpegQuality = 25

$counter = $CMDLINE[0]$nJpegQuality=InputBox("Qualitätseinstellung","Bitte die Qualitätseinstellung festlegen (1-100%)","25")

$suffix=InputBox("Dateibenennung","Bitte geben sie einen Text an der an den Dateinamen angehängt wird." & @CR & "Ein leeres Feld überschreibt die Originaldateien","_small")

RunWait(@Comspec & ' /c ' & @SystemDir & '\regsvr32 /s ' & $sDll, '', @SW_HIDE)

For $i = 1 To $counter

convert(); The Function within


RunWait(@Comspec & ' /c ' & @SystemDir & '\regsvr32 /s /u ' & $sDll, '', @SW_HIDE)

FileDelete(@TempDir & "\jangraphics.dll")

Func convert()

$sInFile = $CMDLINE[$i]

$sOutfile = StringTrimRight($CMDLINE[$i], 4) & $suffix & ".jpg"

;~ MsgBox(0,"aktuelles Bild",$CMDLINE[$i])

$obj = ObjCreate('janGraphics.Compendium')

; Einfache Konvertierung

;$obj.convert($sInFile, $sOutfile)

; Komplexe Konvertierung

$message= $obj.convertEx($sInFile, $sOutfile, $nFixWidth, $nFixHeight, $bTransparentGif, $nJpegQuality)

$obj = 0

ToolTip("Konvertierung im Gange - Bild" & $i & " von " & $CMDLINE[0] & @CR & "Speichere unter ->" & $sOutfile)

If Not $message = 0 Then MsgBox(0,$CMDLINE[$i],$message)


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