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Here is what I have so far

#include <GUIconstants.au3>

$Dimitri = "Dimitri"
$DimitrisPassword = "password"
$Kaleb = "Kaleb"
$KalebsPassword = "darkthrone"
$LoginLabel = GUICtrlCreateLabel("User Name", 50, 38)
$Login = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 50, 50)
$PasswordLabel = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Password", 50, 88)
$Password = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 50, 100, 70, -1, $ES_PASSWORD)
$LoginButton = GUICtrlCreateButton("Login", 75, 150)

$bloop = 1
While $bloop = 1
 $msg = GUIGetMsg()
         Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
         Case $msg = $LoginButton
          If GUICtrlRead($Login) <> $Dimitri Or $Kaleb and GUICtrlRead($Password) <> "password" Then
             MsgBox(4096, "Invalid Login", "That is an invalid login")
         ElseIf GUICtrlRead($Login) = $Dimitri Or $Kaleb and GUICtrlRead($Password) = "password" Then
             MsgBox(4096, "Valid Login", "That is a valid login")

How can I get this to to recognize* a set

eg: Kaleb darkthrone. VALID.

Kaleb password. INVALID.

The below statement is False.The above statement is True.a lesson I learned from Greenmachine; give a man a code and he'll solve one problem. Teach a man to code and he'll solve all his problems.P.S please don't use autoIt as a virus creator/spyware maker(keyLogger especially)Cick this and help me[center]My Scripts:[/center][center]Port Scanner[/center]

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