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Guest MikeO

Im going to make a gunbound bot using this macro. I have a question.

What i want to do is assign the macro to a certain program (gunbound), so that i can minimize gunbound and be able to do other stuff on the computer, while the macro runs in gunbound, but not in everything else.

I hope that made sense. Can i do that? How?

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It sounds like gunbound might be a game. If so, you can send characters to the game pretty easy, and you may be able to controlsend them (in which case you might be able to minimise it.) Sending mouse clicks are a different story, and most games will not work well with mouse locations and clicks.

Good luck on it.

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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Guest LiLAzNJohnJ

i seriously doubt it

i have alot of expierence with bots in diablo II and all the bots written in autoitv3 need the window up first man

try C++

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actually i made a gunbound bot using autoit, i took it off my webpage but if you want i can send you the source, it was really simple, there was one script that was for a winbot and one for a suicide bot. the person who wants to win runs the winbot and you get a freind to run the suicide bot, the winbot skips its turn and the suibot moves closer and closer to the end of the map(i forget which map but in 1 turn you can walk off the edge) and i used a simple loop to loop mouse movements to click on the ok and ready buttons. ne way, once the suibot killed itself the person running the winbot would get gold and points, you let that run all niht and by morning you have over 100000 gold and like 2000 pts. i hate to let you down but gunbound put an antihacking software on and it won't let outside programs affect nething inside the game. b4 that was put in though it worked awsom!

so what i'm saying is don't waste your time unless your an freaking awsome programmer and can get through there anti-hacking software, i doubt it though.

so i recomend spending your time on something else

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