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Referencing A Combobox Array

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Sorry if this is an easy answer but I looked around for a couple of hours and I could not find where this is addressed. I have populated a combo box with an array and when the user selects an item from the combo box it initiates a change in the gui (example if they pick item one a check box is automatically checked). I know how to make this happen for a normal combobox but I can't seem to make it work for an array, in this case my variable $combo keeps returning a value of 14.

Any help would be great,


$Combo = GuiCtrlCreatecombo('', 10, 100, 130, 100)
GUICtrlSetData($Combo, PopulateComboArray($MenuArray))
GUICtrlSetOnEvent($Combo, "FunCombo")

Func FunCombo()

    Case $Combo = item1
        MsgBox(0, "", $MenuArray[1])
    Case $Combo = item2
        MsgBox(0, "", "#2")
    Case Else
        MsgBox(0, "", $Combo)


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