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Easy One This - Gui To Use Psservice To Remotely Stop Services.

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Hello out there.

I am terribly useless at AutoIT but love the capabilities. I want to use a gui to remotely stop a service on a pc using psservice.exe from the pstools suite. I have done the easy bit and created the gui which just has ip username and pw and the stop and start buttons but i am struggling to work out how AutoIT polls the info and plonks it in to the psservice command.

heres the code for the gui - all suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated :)

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

GuiCreate("Stop and Start Service", 392, 323,-1, -1 , BitOR($WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS))

$Input_IP = GuiCtrlCreateInput("", 150, 20, 150, 20)

$Input_UN = GuiCtrlCreateInput("administrator", 150, 50, 150, 20)

$Input_PW = GuiCtrlCreateInput("", 150, 80, 150, 20)

$Label_IP = GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Ip Address", 40, 20, 100, 20)

$Label_UN = GuiCtrlCreateLabel("UserName", 40, 50, 100, 20)

$Label_PW = GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Password", 40, 80, 100, 20)

$Button_4 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Stop SmartSwitch Service", 150, 110, 150, 30)

$Button_5 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Start SmartSwitch Service", 150, 150, 150, 30)

$StatusBar = GuiCtrlCreateLabel("", 62, 190, 296, 18, BitOr($SS_SIMPLE, $SS_SUNKEN))


While 1

$msg = GuiGetMsg()


Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE


Case Else





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what is the command for the psservice to start or stop the process

while 1
;... your code
case $msg = $Button_4
run ("psservice.exe stop parameters")
case $msg = $Button_5
run ("psservice.exe start parameters")
;... your code

as i don't know the exact command i just did an example - you've got to add the right commands

when you're finished plz post your code, i'd like to review it :)

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the code will be along the lines of when stop smartswitch button is pressed it executes this command

RunWait(@TempDir & "\psservice \\" & $Input_IP & " -u " & $Input_UN & " -p " & $Input_PW & " stop SmartSwitch", "", @SW_HIDE)

how would this fit in?

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