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Hi, i am new to the forums and AutoIt and i would like some direction

For my first script i would like to make an auto talker for Runescape 2 what i would like

to have in this script is the following.

1)Send a message with the press of a hotkey as many times as the user wants

2)Search the screen for the color of text that appears when a person request a trade and click that area

I dont expect to be told how to do this but i would like to ask if someone can point

me to the spots in the help file and maybe sample scripts so i can read/see how this can

be done.

Thanks :)

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ok my problem now is i add function to send text i also add a WinWaitActive and when its active i give a messagebox but after that the script closes and the function doesnt run :\

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This might help somewhat.

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "terminate")
HotKeySet("{F2}", "msg")
$input = InputBox("Phrase", "Enter a phrase", "", "", 50,50,50,50)
while 1
func msg()
Func terminate()

You have to push F2 to talk though.

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