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Adobe 7.0.x Fix For Ms Office Object

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Windows XP

Office 2000(9.0.6926 SP-3)

Adobe 7.0.5 and above

When you attempt to insert an Adobe Object into any of the office products, the icon will not display. Here's the process that this is being done:

From the "file Menu" select "insert", then select "object". At the "Object" window, select "Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Document" from the "Object Type:". Then Place a check in the "Display as Icon". (The icon will not display.)

From the "Object" window, select the "create from file" tab, click the browse button to find an Adobe Acrobat file, put a check in both "Link to file" and "Display as icon" and click the "ok" button.

Here a script that I created to fix it. I then used NAL to push the script to PC's that need the fix. Hope it helps others.

Adobe 7.0.x has an issue when trying to insert an object into MS Office 2000. The icon will not display.
This script does the following:
Reads registry value for Adobe GUID and then copys PDFFile.ico to "c:\windows\installer\{GUID}\"
You must have PDFFile.ico in the same directory as the script/exe

Dim $guid, $path, $regKey, $regPath

Func _AdobeGetGUID()
    $regPath = "HKLM\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\7.0\Installer"
    $regKey = "ENU_GUID"
    $guid = RegRead($regPath,$regKey)
;MsgBox(64,"", $guid)   

Func _CopyIcon()
    $path = "c:\windows\installer\" & $guid & "\"
    FileSetAttrib($path & "PDFFile.ico","-R")
    FileCopy("PDFFile.ico",$path & "PDFFile.ico",1)
    FileSetAttrib($path & "PDFFile.ico","+R")   

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