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Date Input With $dts_shownone Option

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I'm having problems with the GUICtrlCreateDate() command when used with the $DTS_SHOWNONE style - (more than the goofy way it looks - shouldn't there just be a 'none' option in the drop-down calendar? Good going MS...). Namely, I can't tell from within the script if the box is checked or not, nor can I send a call to check or uncheck.

Of course, I'm assuming that I do it the same way as a checkbox, with GUICtrlGetState() and GUICtrlSetState(). Maybe that's not right. By the way, no matter what date is selected, or the state of the checkbox, if I pop up a message box giving me the number returned by GUICtrlGetState, it's always 80. Digging through GUIConstants.au3 makes me think it's returning $GUI_ENABLE + $GUI_SHOW (64+16=80). Big help there. And it doesn't matter if it's checked or not, GUICtrlRead() always returns the date in the box, so that's not it either.

Does anyone know the correct way to set/get this attribute? The help file doesn't use the $DTS_SHOWNONE style in the example, and the style description for $DTS_SHOWNONE is simply:

Enables the control to accept no date as a valid selection state.

No help there, and no further explanations that I can find. I'm using Beta version

Thanks for the help!

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