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Advanced Web Search (with Ie.au3)?

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I just discovered AutoIt and I think this could be helpful for me. I tried to read documentations & help files, but as I'm french (don't blame me :) ), I don't clearly understand all functions, that's why I'm asking for some help.

I'd like to know if a feature is available in AutoIt and its various scripts, and how to do that :

I have a list of messages : let's say message #25, message #54, ...

I open my browser, go to the right url, write the message id in the appropriate field, and click on the button-image "Search". As far, I shouldn't have difficulties to write my script.

Here comes the problem : before displaying the message i'm looking for, I have to choice an url between 2 options :

message #25 type A and message #25 type B. I just want to display type B messages.

Is it possible to tell AutoIt to do something like :

If (there is type A and type B messages)

click on the type B url

else If (there is only type B messages)

click on the type B url


go to the next message

Hope you understand what I need...

As it could be type A and type B messages, or just type B messages, the position of the link on the screen is not always the same, so I can't use "mouse gestures" to click on the right link.

Thanks in advance for your help !

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IE.au3 is your friend!

there are some great examples in "Welcome to Autoit 1-2-3" below



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