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Why Won't It Run C:\shared?

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Why won't this script run C:\Documents and Settings\Christian\Shared?

WinWaitActive( "Shared", "C:\Documents and Settings\Christian\Shared" )
WinClose("Shared", "C:\Documents and Settings\Christian\Shared")
$password = ""
$fpassword = "X"
$input = InputBox("Password", "Password", "", "*", 50,50,50,50)
While 1
If $input = $password Then
    Run("C:\Documents and Settings\Christian\Shared", @SW_MAXIMIZE )
ElseIf $fpassword Then
    MsgBox(0, "Password", "Incorrect password")
It does fine until I enter my password, then it doesnt run the folder. Why is this? I know the
$password = ""
needs a password I just took it out because it's my password. Edited by bucky002

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I'm pretty sure you don't actually RUN a folder... you can run explorer.exe and use the folder name as the parameter, or do:

Run (@Comspec & " /c start 'C:\Documents and Settings\Christian\Shared'")

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