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Objcreate("adodb.stream") Problem

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I'm stumped...I'd figured this would help me read/view binary files. At least allow me to load the file to a variable and add, edit and delete. MsgBox() shows nothing...Possibly Hex 05 in the third position is my trouble in the file.

;Use ADO to read binary data...
Dim $ReadBinaryFile, $FileName

$FileName = InputBox("Read Binary File","Enter Path/Filename for binary read")


MsgBox(4096,"ReadBinaryFile Function"," " & $ReadBinaryFile)

Func ReadBinaryFile($FileName)
  Const $adTypeBinary = 1
  $BinaryStream = ObjCreate("ADODB.Stream"); Create ADODB.Stream object

  $BinaryStream.Type = $adTypeBinary; Set ADODB.Stream.Type to BINARY

  $BinaryStream.Open; Open the stream

  $BinaryStream.LoadFromFile = $FileName; Load the file data from disk to the stream object

  $ReadBinaryFile = $BinaryStream.Read; Open the stream And get binary data from the object
  Return $ReadBinaryFile

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Did you use StringLen() to see if it has a length?

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I've tried FileRead(),FileGetSize(),and StringLen() in an earlier attempt at getting binary data.

Windows says the file is 780 bytes; StringLen() reports 2, FileGetSize() reports 0, FileRead() and FileReadline() state the file is not an accessible type.

There isn't much in the file...a couple of control codes and a bunch of IP/URL addresses. The file is easily edited with a HexEditor.

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