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Is It Possible To Scan For Words ?

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Hi I'm currently new to this and getting used to it, i created my 1st bot, but its only based on mouse mouvements

i was wondering if its possible to "scan" for items or words so that if it finds it it goes and click on it if not it continues the scripts

as far as my knowledge to scripting goes (which is very and saying very im being generous lmao limited) i know it the has to be a if/then/else ... but what would be the command to scan the area

thanks guys :)

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AutoIt Console written in C#. Write au3 code right at the console :D_FileWriteToLineWrite to a specific line in a file.My UDF Libraries: MySQL UDF Library version 1.6 MySQL Database UDF's for AutoItI have stopped updating the MySQL thread above, all future updates will be on my SVN. The svn location is:kan2.sytes.net/publicsvn/mysqlnote: This will still be available, but due to my new job, and school hours, am no longer developing this udf.My business: www.hirethebrain.com Hire The Brain HireTheBrain.com Computer Consulting, Design, Assembly and RepairOh no! I've commited Scriptocide!

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