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i have an problem with the function RunAsSet-Function on AutoITv3...

my script is the following:

$var = RegRead("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\NetwareWorkstation\CurrentVersion\", "Buildnumber")

If $var <> 20051209 Then

; Set the RunAs parameters to use local adminstrator account

RunAsSet("Administrator", "", "password")

; Run install.bat Novell-Client-Roll-Out


; Reset user's permissions





I want to install the novell client on many pc´s in a network...the exe-file, that i´ve compiled with autoit is starting by login script from the novell client..but when i start the exe-file the installation of novell client abort with an error...if i start the batch-file directly, the installations runs without errors..must i declare the pc-name, beacuse i declare no pc-name, while i have many pc´s...and the script have to be universal...or is it better, to read a variable from registry (what is the pc-name..) and took into the script?

i need help

sorry for my bad english, but i´m german :-)

with kind regards...


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anybody an idea? :-(

2 things:

This looks wrong :RunAsSet("Administrator", "", "password")

Should be : RunAsSet("Administrator", @Computername, "password")

BUT: Will this Local pc account have access on the Server ?

This subject has been covered many times so I am sure the search will return many hits with lots of details..


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