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Sending A Script

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I was wondering if I send a script that has the admin's name, for example

OPENFILE("C:\Documents and Settings\Bill Gates\Desktop\mytext")

well see since im bill gates (pretend :mellow::)) and my computer is under the admins name that goes by the name of bill gates,

and Im sending it to a friends computer whos admin name goes by

C:\Documents and Settings\Tom Gets\Desktop\mytext

so since his name is Tom Gets it won't understand what to open since my scripts telling it to open a text file called mytext from C:\Documents and Settings\Bill Gates\Desktop\mytext

or is the script smart enuff to figure that out

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check it out

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FileOpen(@desktopdir & "\mytext.txt", 0)

you must include the file extension as well

and now depending on what you want to do with it your going to have to change the 0 to what ever

0 = Read mode

1 = Write mode (append to end of file)

2 = Write mode (erase previous contents)

4 = Read raw mode

8 = Create directory structure if it doesn't exist (See Remarks).

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