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Hi folks...

..i have a problem in usin the windows task scheduler... i read a LOT in googlish and here in the threads but in the end i dont found what im lookin for ... heres my problem...

i try to create scheduled tasks from my autoit script but i cant find a way to make changes in the extended scheduler task options...

i try AT commands like this with runasset and without:

;RunAsSet("myusername", @Computername, "myuserpass")

RunWait ( @Comspec & ' /c ' & 'AT 12:08 /interactive c:\BlaBlaBla.exe' )


This works and creates a task but when i open this task in the scheduled tasks folder, all options are greyed out ( not editeable and the creator is not @Computername/myusername.. its NetScheduleJobAdd?!?!?).. also there are no parameters in the AT line to work with the extended options (like "reaktivate sytem on use" or "delete task after use").... :)

i try with SCHTASKS and the parameters it uses like:

SCHTASKS /Create /SC weekly /D MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI /TN MyDailyBackup /ST 23:00:00 /TR c:\backup.cmd /RU MyDomain\MyLogin /RP MyPassword

..but i cant use this cause i dont have schtasks.exe in my sytem folder !!??!! :( ..i use win xp home.. and i dont see any parameters for the extended option too...

the last im thnkin off is to make it on hidden window with key sends at the original ms scheduled tasks manager but i dont want to make it like that.... THERE MUST BE A WAY TO DO IT!?!?!... u can give me a hint or an eye on somethng usefull...?...

I just want create a scheduled task (+extended options = reaktivate system on start, delete after use, etc..)..that is editable and that got @Computername/myusername as creator ...

Tnks for ideas... :think:

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:think: ..why i didnt found that thread?.... :">

ur da man... hope it got a option to check "reaktivate on task" .. than it would be a good way to clear my prob...

..but.. there is still no way (like they discuss in that thread).. to handle this need in pure scriptin (without any other .exe file).... i thnk a lot of users would be happy if that would be possible in autoit... :(

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