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NOTE: This is a GUI version. If you don't have the latest unstable version of AutoIt, the script won't work.

Unless you use the executable (it's in the zip).

I created my own clock using the new GUI features.

It also has the ability to notify you for an event (called: alarms).

You can even schedule repeated alarms. So you'll be notified on a daily basis or weekly on a specific day.

The clock resides in a place that's not being used by Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. (It's always on top)

Current features are:

  • Set alarms/schedules
  • Edit alarms/schedules
  • Cancel/delete alarms/schedules
  • Run a program when alarm is set off (not yet)
  • Play a sound file when alarm is set off (not yet)
  • Enable/Disable alarms function (default is enabled) (not yet)
  • Enable/Disable default sound (default is disabled)
A readme file is included. It contains information of how to use this script.

Download the script below:


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note: The following suggestion will not work. Please see the following post.

Regarding your update restriction: You could use the AdLibEnable() function to keep displaying your clock text even when the main script is paused. I have not taken the time to read your code, so understand that your variables and structure may vary slightly: this is only the concept. Something like this:

;preperation code goes here

AdLibEnable("UpdateTime", 1000);call function UpdateTime() every 1 second

;code to test alarms, and do other stuff

Func UpdateTime()
;do stuff to test time
;update the window with time

If you have a need to disable the clock at some point in your code, just call AdLibDisable() to halt the previous command.

Edited to reflect the validity of the folowing post

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Regarding your update restriction: You could use the AdLibEnable() function to keep displaying your clock text even when the main script is paused.

Last I checked, when AutoIt pauses or "blocks" due to a MsgBox/FileOpenDialog/ect., the Adlib function is also paused. This should be added to the documentation.

SlimShady, you could use two separate scripts: one to display the clock, and another to handle the input. However, there is not easy way to tranfer data from one to the other. Pasing data via the clipboard [ClipPut()/ClipGet()] is usually the easiest way. (By the way: EnvSet--which also needs a documentation improvement--will not work for transfering data between to simultaneously running scripts.)

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AdLibEnable didn't work, but I left it in the scripts.

It's like a standalone, infinite For...Next loop, nice.

Anyways, script is updated, see first post.

- Changed the exit function a bit

- Cleaned it up using AutoIt Tidy

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What about avoiding the use of the registry?Is that possible? A ini file may be?

Rember that a application that

-does not require installation

-does not write to the registry

-does not create or modify files outside of its own directory

is the best :D

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I think that the position in the right down corner it is not the best... I should put in in the top right..., like 100 pixel from the border... it is a zone that usually is occuped by empty title bar.

This is only a matter of taste anyway...

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  • 4 months later...

super i enjoy it,

is it posible it sits on the windows time no up.....


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