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Active Directory

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I'm writting a script that among other things will join computer to domain (using netdom.exe unless there's a better way - in example without having to include netdom.exe in autoit .exe file). As we're using first letter of first name and full surname as for name of computer after a while you gotta look out for already existing accounts in domain. So i would need a way to check in domain if text i enter exists in domain and if variations of it exists too for example: madboy, madboy1,madboy2,madboy3 etc up to 10 max (but i guess that code i can write myself) just need some heads up on how to ask domain for Computer Name if it exits. Later on i will be trying to get from "DOMAIN" as much info as i can get and use it in some way so any ideas for domain info retreiving will be appreciated. I tried to use scriptomatic.au3 but if you choose from menu something else then default value, it crashes for me. thanks.

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