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Newbie Needs Help By Getting Files Out Of Internet

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I'm an absolute newbie and installed the program today.

I tried to copy a file on my computer and it worked well!

Now I want to get a file out of the internet.

I get no messages about mistakes but the file doesn't appeare.

I have a calendar file ("Ferien.ics" - what means holidays.ics) on the public web-server from ical (www.icalx.com).

My username is "svenruppelt" and my password is "123456".

Now I tried to get a copy on my computer with :

InetGet ( "http://svenruppelt:123456@icalx.com/public/svenruppelt/Ferien.ics", "s:\test\" )


FileCopy ( "http://svenruppelt:123456@icalx.com/public/svenruppelt/Ferien.ics", "S:\Test" ).

Nothing happend! That means that the file is not on my computer!

Can somebody help me and tell me what I'm doing (and thinking) wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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welcome to the forums


download "Welcome to Autoit 1-2-3" below

it is a great demo to get all the files you need and there are 15 demo's on how to work with the internet using the IE.au3 Library


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