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Instant Output Of Data From External Program

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Hey, asking questions again. But lets try it. Is it possible to have instant output to file/log using this little function (dunno where to add it in the code below):

Func _AddLineBox($Text)
      GuiCtrlSetData($LogBox,"["& _NowTime(5) & "] - " & $Text & "|")
      _GUICtrlListSelectIndex($LogBox, _GUICtrlListCount($LogBox)-1)
      If $logging_to_file = "Yes" Then
          $file_log = FileOpen($log_file,1)
          FileWriteLine($file_log, "["& _NowTime(5) & "] - " & $Text & @CRLF)
          FileClose ( $file_log )

With this code:

If $method = "SetupCopyOemInf" Then
     ;GUICtrlSetData( $label[24], $gui_line[20],$GUI_SHOW )
        Dim $OemInfDataOutput
        $OemInfOutput = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $oeminf & " " & $path_to_drivers, '', @SW_HIDE, 2)
        While 1
            $OemInfData = StdoutRead($OemInfOutput)
            If @error Then ExitLoop
            If $OemInfData Then
                $OemInfDataOutput &= $OemInfData
        $OemInfDataOutput = StringStripWS($OemInfDataOutput, 6); Remove spaces from output
        $OemOutput = StringSplit($OemInfDataOutput, @CRLF); Split output of devcon into array
     ;_ArrayDisplay( $OemOutput, "DUPA")
        $NrCopiedInfs = $OemOutput[0]
        $DeviceDrivers = "PASSED"

I'm running some external program and it takes a longer while. While it's running a lot of lines are running thru the screen. I would like to have those lines visible in my program (and in log file) as soon as they are run and not as soon as the external program is done. Would appreciate help where i have to add or what i have to change in my code to make it possible. I know the code is missing a lot of code, but posting full code isn't possible at this time.

Also when the external program is running and i switch with ALT+TAB to some ther programs and then i go back with ALT+TAB to MyGui it's not responding until external program is done. Any way to fix this?

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