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I want to automate an automatic install/uninstall of Macromedia Flash 8

I need to uninstall Macromedia Flash 8 first in order to install another application that conflicts with Flash 8.

The problem is that the MSI uninstall of Flash 8 ends with a dialogbox with no window title. This happens even if the MSI uninstall is silent. This bug appears to be a Flash 8 problem.

However there is a Windows text ("Uninstallation Complete")

The dialog box simply prompts the user to check "OK" to "Uninstallation Complete".

Is there a way to catch that window with Autoit 3 and check the ok button?

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Give nothing as a title to the script and try that.

This may work.

WinWait('', 'Uninstallation Complete')
WinClose('', 'Uninstallation Complete')

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