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Sending Keys To A Window, But Not A Control

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Ok, at my work, I set up new PCs with Norton Antivirus all the time (not by my choice, but rather those with larger paychecks than I). And I've successfully created an unattended installation, but now I would like to automate the "Activation" after you reboot the computer after installation. This shouldn't be too difficult except for the fact that instead of using Windows Controls, they used "InternetExplorer_Server" and I've tried sending keys many different ways, but can't seem to get the window to respond.

ControlSend(title, text, "InternetExplorer_Server1", "!n") doesn't do anything

Send("!n") doesn't even do anything, even though actually pressing Alt+N on the keyboard advances to the next screen. The weird thing is: if the Activation window is active, and you "Send("!n")", it not only doesn't advance to the next screen, but also makes the window inactive (???) I don't know what's going on with that.

So I guess my last ditch effort is this: Is there a way to Send keys to a window, but not necessarily to a specific control? I've tried

ControlSend(title, text, "", "!n") to no avail.

Any help is appreciated.

P.S. One other idea, can DaveHolm's IE.au3 library affect the InternetExplorer_Server control? I'll give that a try in the meantime.

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