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Read Data From A Non Standard Windows Control

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I am trying to read the data from a non standard windows Listview "LIKE" control.

I managed to find out which ctrl it is about.

I know it is the correct control, because when I use the ControlHide it disappears.

Now the tricky part is to read the data from the control.

This Non standard Windows control has rows and columns, but I can' t read the data using this function?

Func ReadCtrl()
$handle = ControlGetHandle("", "", "6")
    $Data =  ControlListView("", "",$handle, "FindItem", "TEST" )
    MsgBox(0,"Read data", $Data &"  "& $handle& " "&@error )

The only thing showing is the $Handle

Is this command "ControlListView" not the correct one to use, because this is a non windows application ?

Is there an other way of retrieving the data from the Ctrl ?

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