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Speech Recognition... Well, Voice Tag Comparison

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I was wondering how I can compare the numbers recieved from the mic to numbers prerecorded, like

10 20

30 30

60 50

60 60

60 60

60 50

20 30

40 40

40 40

10 10

The first numbers could be the heard volume stats, while the second could be the prerecorded volume stats, The stats would be of the same word or phrase

I want to be able to adjust the sencitivity ratio of the comarison, this is the code. you speak then exit. Then it graphs the heard volume stats and displays them to you should understand what I mean. I want to use this a simple sound recognition tool, like a clapper or a script that recognizes beats from music.

Please help, Thanks

#Include <string.au3>

#Include <GUIConstants.au3>

#include <misc.au3>

#include <Array.au3>

Dim $lpszDevice

Dim $lpszDeviceID

Dim $lpszOpenFlags

Dim $lpszRequest

Dim $lpszFlags

Dim $lpszCommand

Dim $lpszReturnString

Dim $cchReturn

Dim $mciError

$lpszDevice = "new type waveaudio"

$lpszOpenFlags = "alias mywave"

$lpszFlags = ""

$lpszCommand = StringFormat( "open %s %s %s", $lpszDevice, $lpszOpenFlags, $lpszFlags);

$lpszReturnString = _StringRepeat( " ", 100)

$cchReturn = StringLen($lpszReturnString)

$mciError = _mciSendString($lpszCommand, $lpszReturnString, $cchReturn, 0);

If $mciError[0] <> 0 Then _mciShowError($mciError[0])

$lpszDeviceID = "mywave"

$lpszRequest = "level"

$lpszFlags = ""

$lpszCommand = StringFormat( "status %s %s %s", $lpszDeviceID, $lpszRequest, $lpszFlags)

GUICreate("MCI wave level test", 200, 130)

$VolumeLabel = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Initializing...", 14, 8, 200, 20)

$ProgressBar = GUICtrlCreateProgress(14, 25, 180, 20)

$ExitButton = GUICtrlCreateButton(" Exit ", 80, 60)


$hear = _ArrayCreate ( 1 )

While 1

$mciError = _mciSendString($lpszCommand, $lpszReturnString, $cchReturn, 0);

If $mciError[0] <> 0 Then _mciShowError($mciError[0])

$mciError[2] = Round($mciError[2], -1)

If $mciError[2] > 30 Then

_ArrayAdd ( $hear, $mciError[2] )



GUICtrlSetData($VolumeLabel, "Current wave level is: " & $mciError[2])

GUICtrlSetData($ProgressBar, $mciError[2])

$msg = GUIGetMsg()


Case $msg = $ExitButton


For $i = 0 To UBound( $hear )-1

GUICtrlCreateLabel("-------", $i * 20, $hear[$i])



_ArrayDisplay( $hear, "")


Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE






Func _mciSendString($lpszCommand, $lpszReturnString, $cchReturn, $hwndCallback)

Return DllCall("winmm.dll", "long", "mciSendStringA", "str", $lpszCommand, "str", $lpszReturnString, "long", $cchReturn, "long", 0)

EndFunc ;==>_mciSendString

Func _mciShowError($mciError)

$errStr = _StringRepeat( " ", 100)

$Result = DllCall("winmm.dll", "long", "mciGetErrorStringA", "long", $mciError, "string", $errStr, "long", StringLen($errStr))

MsgBox(0, "MCI test", "MCI Error Number " & $mciError & ":" & $Result[2])

EndFunc ;==>_mciShowError

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