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Command Problem

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I have a problem with the following code. The problem exists within the command.

; Script Start - Add your code below here
$username = IniRead("settings.ini","ACCOUNTS","username","")
$password = IniRead("settings.ini","ACCOUNTS","password","")


$command = @SystemDir &"\net.exe localgroup power users /add " &@LogonDomain &"\" &@UserName


If I replace power users with administrators, it works fine. But because power users is 2 words it tries to add the user to the power group. If I run the command in a dos prompt I would only need to type "power users", but autoit reacts to "".

How should I re-write this command so that it will work?

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$command = @SystemDir &'\net.exe localgroup "power users" /add ' &@LogonDomain &"\" &@UserName

Does that work?

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