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Replace All Zero's On Left Hand Side

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I'm looking to replace all zero's on the left hand side


Input: 000018FE

Output: 18FE

Input: 000108F0

Output: 108F0

I've looked at StringRegExp but my mind overloaded so i'm looking for a bit of assistance

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Here you go...

MsgBox(0, '', _RemoveDigit("018FE", 0))
Func _RemoveDigit($v_String, $i_Digit)
    If StringInStr($v_String, String($i_Digit)) Then
        For $i_count = 1 To StringLen($v_String)
            If StringMid($v_String, $i_count, 1) <> $i_Digit Then Return StringTrimLeft($v_String, $i_count - 1)
    Return $v_String


Damn I'm slow today!


Had to modify mine, so it counted the number as a string.

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Larry's should work, but here's an alternative.

$input = "000018FE"
$output = StringFormat ("%X", Dec($input))

MsgBox(0, "Result", $output)

;Similar to Larry's

Func _shorterFunction($input)
    Local $i
    For $i = 1 to StringLen($input)
        If StringMid($input, $i, 1) = "0" Then ContinueLoop
        Return StringMid($input, $i)

Edit: made $i Local for correctness...

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