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Excel Event Trigger Help

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I'm new to AutoIt. I managed to write some useful scripts, but I am lost on this one.

I have a Spreadsheet that uses a timer to read a Text File and analyze the File. When there is sufficient information to act on, one Cell is set to "Yes" (it could be set to anything, including different colors, etc.).

I would like AutoIT to monitor the "Yes" Cell and start to run it's commands when the Cell changes from "No" to "Yes". I have the AutoIT script (import Excel data, send the data to a third program, get the output from the third program and send it back to Excel) but I have to initate AutoIt manually.

I've looked through the GUI event commands, but they seem to work only for AutoIt GUIs. Is that correct, or is it possible to use them for an Excel event? How?

I could probably set up a simple Spreadsheet that only reads the "Yes" Cell through a link to the main Spreadsheet. The simple Spreadsheet should only change when the linked Cell changes to/from Yes/No. Is it possible that any change in that Spreadsheet could be used to trigger AutoIt.

Any help is appreciated.


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Just a note for others in case they don't notice:

He has re-posted this topic in the Support forum, so it is safe for mods to delete this topic.

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