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Changing Function's Actions

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How would i make one function, for example Read(), but make that one find the response in an Instant Message, but if i call the function using Read(Command), it'll send it to the command run function, but if i call the function using Read(Path) It'll do the same actions but send the variable it creates to a different function based on the parameter.

Does anybody get this? it seems confusing.


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UDF do not have optional parts though, so you can't call a function:

Read() ; as in blank



you would have to call it like:




hope that wasn't confusing.

If a UDF is set up for 3 parameters, you need to use all 3 even if they are blank.

; three("Hi",$year); this would error
; three() ; this will error

func three($x,$y,$z)
; code

Error would be: Incorrect number of parameters in function call.

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