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Autoit And Ni-daqmx

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Was wondering if I can use NI-DAQmx C APIs:


with AutoIT.


Download the latest beta version of AutoIT that supports COM. See if the help file discussion on COM objects, DllCall and VISA instrumentation UDFs are also of any assistance. If you can manipulate and read the properties and methods of a NI-DAQmx object, then you should be able to harness it quite powerfully directly from AutoIT.

Good luck!

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any kind of examples?

tried without success with NI USB 6501

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Work fine with the NI USB 6210 Device and so, for all NI device

You just have to use the fonction in the NICAIU.dll with "DllCall" from Autoit

the fonction in the NICAIU.dll are the same present in the NDAQmx.lib

For the détailled description refer to the NIDAQmx.h

The NICAIU.dll is present to the Windowssystem32 dir when you have intalled the NI-DAQmx software from Nationnal instrument website

If anyone want an example to getSérialNumber of the card or make an analogique mesure - send me a request and i will post the code

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